[SC] Beware the disconnect.

Posted: August 8, 2010 in SC2

I just lost an hour of my life…. argh.

I shut my laptop mid-mission and dropped my internet connection apparently.  SC2 didn’t bark at me, so I figured it had re-authenticated to Battle.net and I was good to go.  Finished my mission and zippo for the achievements, even though I clearly met all the requirements.

Don’t do this, peeps!  It was that last Zeratule mission where you gotta wipe 1500 enemies… QQ!

Oh well….next time…

[Edit]  Actually, no.  I can’t freakin’ do that mission again.  I click the crystal and it just gives me the text.  What the hell.  Do I get a chance to do these again?  We’ll find out.

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