[WAR] Lurking in the Shadows

Posted: August 10, 2010 in WAR

What’s coming down the pipe?  Gosh, if only there were hints, yes hints  I say, to help us figure all this out.

Oh. Wait. There are definitely some clues out there.

1. GamesCon. This isn’t a trivial hop across the block to get to. It isn’t cheap to fly to Europe, and it seems a little bit of a stretch (given budgets around the country) to just jump over the pond and say “Hi, welcome!”. The “Big Announcement” is going to be coming from GamesCon.

2. Developer Q&As. There’s been a metric crap-ton of peculiar speak. Check these Question and Answers out.

Q – How do you add to end-game RvR after everyone kills the King? Do you expand laterally or do you create a new high-end goal?

Carrie – Is this a theoretical question? How does one if one were expanding? I think the answer is you try to do both to some degree. You certainly want to be conscious of not nullifying the end-game. Obviously we’re aware that the people that have been playing the game for a while are looking for new things to do. So you try to accomplish both…in this theoretical question.

Then this one:

Q – Hypothetically, if we were to see something like an expansion, what might be seen as far as new content?  Would it be more Trials of Atlantis or Shrouded Isle or New Frontier style?

Carrie – Again, these are hypothetical questions/answers.  There are enough people at Mythic who’ve been with us a long time, so I think we’re not interested in going with a TOA style if anything.  But this is entirely hypothetical, so it’s hard to say what direction we would go in.

Andy – If we were, in fact, to do something like that…hypothetically.

And then this gem:

Q – Can we expect any “fluff” like Player Housing or improved Crafting?

(dead air)

Andy – I’m guessing that’s a “No Comment”.

3.  It’s mighty peculiar that they’ve not said anything about 1.4 yet.  This is likely intentional.  We’ll see though.

Special thanks goes out to Gaarawar for transcribing the entire Q&A.  Check out his full post here: Public Test Server Q&A, 8/6/10 « Gaarawarr Gabs.

  1. RanknVile says:

    The Housing/Crafting and Trials of Atlantis comments were two HUGE drops in the hint bucket for sure.
    If you read about ToA it states a “New Race for Each Realm”…oh my…
    And the fact that crafting has been suggested as an “update” for players for quite a while REALLY hits home about a blog post I had done about Housing / Crafting going hand in hand with RvR (quite a possibility actually)

    Introduce these features in an expansion and I will buy a years sub.

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