[DAoC] Patch 1.105 is here!

Posted: August 11, 2010 in DAoC

How high can the patch number go!  (As a developer, I know it can go to 1.XXX where XXX is infinity…but I’ve not ever gotten to 105, myself!)

105 brings a couple welcome changes to the game.  Most of these have been asked for forever and three days.

  1. New Training Window.  If you’ve played DAoC and had to spec your character, you know how tedious this can be.  You have to click a spec line to train a point in it.  If you go over one too man, you need to go dig up a respec stone.  This was insanely frustrating, especially when there were no respec stones in game.  Websites out there (such as the one on Catacombs here) helped you out by giving you a preview.  The builders were usually up to date, so it paid off to check in-game before you committed.
  2. Epic Armor Updates.  Post-ToA (and even SI to an extent) Epic Armor was utterly useless.  It didn’t have the bling of Artifacts, nor the fancy-pants stats that newer armor had.  Most people relegated the armor to a slot in their vault to gather dust.  I don’t know that this change is going to put everyone back in their armor, but it’s a good step.

Here’s to many more patches in DAoC.  (Maybe a DAoC2 is in the works…WASDStomp seems to think so!)

You can snag the patch notes here.

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