[Misc] Where the Hell have You Been? 8/13

Posted: August 13, 2010 in Misc

I scour tons of links throughout the web, and frankly don’t have enough time to writeup about each one I find interesting. Each Friday, I’ll go through and link up some of the more interesting things that I either didn’t have time to write about, or didn’t have enough to write about them. Here’s the first installment!

Virtual Racing without the Virtual – Those crazy Euros sometimes have way too much time on their hands.  Well, we do too in America, we just do stupid crap with it.  These guys rock. Take a RC car.  Add a camera to it. Wire it to a TV and steering wheel and you have epic amounts of win.  In fact, I almost needed to change my pants when I saw this.  At work.  Awkward.

From “All your Eggs in One Basket” department – A little back history.  In 2008,  EVE killed two birds with one smart stone.  People had a crap ton of “gold” in game.  People wanted to sell gold.  How about you sell game credits in game for in-game currency?  People with excess gold get to keep playing for free, while people who want to buy gold can, and the money goes to the developers.  Genius!  About a month ago, these PLEX tokens (which grant 30 days play time) were allowed to be transported across the game in a rather..risky..fashion.  Turns out that you could kill someone’s ship which had these tokens inside.  Tokens could be stolen or even destroyed.  Poor sap this week had 74 taken out, to a tune of over $1,200.  Ouch.  That’s over six years of game time down the tube.  It’s ok to put all your eggs in one basket if you WATCH.  THAT. BASKET.

Colliding over Collision Detection – There’s quite a spirited debate going on over on the WAR forums about the removal of Friendly (not all!) Player Collision Detection.  Some love the idea, standing behind a stout 15% performance increase.  Others claim it will kill the game as we know it.  I’m in the first camp.  I’m all for performance increases, as it opens up the accessibility of the game, which means more players coming aboard to have their faces melted.  Lots of bloggers talked about it.

First Time in Doom – After 17 years, Steven Totilo finally played Doom.  Not Doom 3…the original Doom.  His write-up is fantastic and pretty much echos the memories I have of the game.  Of course I was 12 when I first played Doom (no, I don’t know what my parents were thinking…itw as a different time in the game world), so my memories may or may not be accurate.  Either way, this is a great read for Nostalgia’s sake.

Speaking of Doom, Steam is having an EPIC sale in honor of Quake Con.  Get all the Doom, Quake, Hexen and Wolfenstein you can handle.  Check it out here.

So that wraps up another week in the gaming world.  Everyone have a safe weekend.  Watch out for the bomb groups.

  1. Rikker says:

    I’ve said this to others and on the forums, and I’ll say it here, albeit briefly.

    Just say NO to removal of Friendly Collision Detection.

    It will completely gut the combat system.
    While it will give a small performance increase, it will not be worth the loss of such a genius idea.

    To be fair, they may get more subs out of it, which is their goal in the end, but at the cost of the heart of the game. Yes, I am going that far.

    Also, I’ll cry a little bit inside ;P.

    Serioiusly… bad idea.

  2. Rikker says:

    Heh, apparently.

    Well, even if they do decide to remove it later, (which I will vigorously oppose) I have to give them credit for stopping to test it rather than charge ahead.

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