[WAR] Today, 1.3.6… Tomorrow… THE WORLD!

Posted: August 17, 2010 in WAR

Or maybe some new parts of a game world.  Who knows?

Andy and Carrie for sure.  There’s going to be some big news tomorrow.  Something that people should be excited about.  For the longest time, it’s been “no news” for the WAR group.  Tomorrow is something, but we’re not sure yet.

Is it an expansion?  Is it a new race?  Is it new crafting?  Is it a new zone?  New armor?  How about some fresh cheese.  Yum.  I’d love to openly speculate about what could/should/would be, but that is just whoring yourself out, I think.  I much prefer discussing the upcoming changes when they’re released.

Here’s to hoping!

(I’ll do some talking on 1.3.6 tomorrow!)

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