[id] Ultimate Doom – Run My Way

Posted: August 25, 2010 in id

I snagged the QuakeCon Pack a few weekends ago.  A whopping 27 games for $70, who wouldn’t get this?  Holy crap nostalgia.

There’s something missing though, from Doom. The controls didn’t allow you to configure there. I’m a big MMO player and I use the QWES movement, instead of WASD. Call me funky.

If you want to use this schema, open up your mouse.cfg under C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\ultimate doom\base

Look toward line 9 and 10. Make them read as such:

key_strafeleft 16
key_straferight 18

Also, there’s one thing that kept bugging the hell out of me. Your mouse would move you forward and back! Ew! Easy enough, I managed to grab a copy of something called “novert” which disables your vertical mouse movement. It only disables it for Doom, so things work normally when you exit.

Grab novert here.

Once you have Novert installed, you can edit the ultimatem.conf in the same folder as above. Check out the end lines of the file.  Notice the bold line inserted below.


mount c .\base
doom.exe -config MOUSE.CFG

Got any more tips for those going back to classic Doom?  Post em below!

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