[WAR] RvR Pack Q&A Thread Summary

Posted: August 29, 2010 in WAR

You can read all about the Q&A thread here, but there’s quite a bit of “We can’t talk about it yet” or “No comment right now” stuff in there.  I’ve highlighted a few posts below (quoted, actually) that do have some meat.  If you want to read the answers, skip down.  For the summary, check the bullets.  For the posts, scroll down.

  • Better Keep Battles
  • Paid Server Transfers are coming
  • Continuing the Sovereign mentality going forward
  • They’d rather disperse the zerg, than endorse it.
  • Expansion to the current currency system is incoming
  • They will offer a discount if you buy all three packs
  • They’re looking into solutions for people who don’t want to go into T4 (but no “/xp off” command)
  • Siege will be bettar!
  • There will be a RA system revamp
  • No housing is coming… ever.
  • New crafting is coming!

And the actual answers

TwistedComplex wrote…

Will the RvR pack add more dynamics to keep battles, rather than simply breaking down doors? If so can you go into details?

Yes. No.

Biro wrote…

Will you be opening up server transfers to allow those in non-prime-time timezones stuck on underpopulated servers to move off?

We’ve already discussed that we will be offering paid services such as server transfers in the future, along the same timeline as the RvR Pack.

GoldenTiger wrote…

Finally, will we see the trend of “offensive and defensive versions” continue for weapons/armor/sets in these RVR packs? Again, this is another change in newer content that I felt worked very well.

We’re generally pleased with how the designs for the new Sov sets/RvR weapons worked out, so I can see us continuing in this mindset.

Tellaria wrote…

With the redesign of ORVR, do you have any plans on getting players away from mindless mobs of the “Zerg” and having people focus more on organization with coordination and strategy?

Design decisions being made now are with the mindset of dispersing the zerg. How we’re accomplishing this, we’re not quite ready to discuss.

Dekarr wrote…

Any new currencies? I’d hate to start all over for a brand new elite tier of scenario weapons.

As Nate has said in many Dev Q&A’s, we plan on expanding the current currency systems to offer more things for you to use to spend what you earn on. Whether or not we’ll be adding another tier onto the existing currency is something that we’re not prepared to discuss at this time.

Pelos wrote…

Has a basic pricing model for the rvr packs been determined?

Will there be a discount offered for purchasing all 3 packs?

Pricing is still under discussion and has not been set in stone.

The general sentiment is that yes, players purchasing all 3 parts of the RvR Pack will receive a discount.

Walter Red wrote…

Will there ever be a possibility of turning of the gain of experience as a part of new RVR pack? Alot russian players love t2-t3 segment and dont want to leave it.

We’re not too keen on a “XP” off feature as is implemented in DAOC as we feel it stagnates development. That being said, we’re investigating possible alternative solutions for folks that wish to remain in Tiers 2 and 3. We’re not yet ready to discuss these ideas.

Skaaa wrote…

With these packs have you evaluated or ‘looked into’ Siege weapons in general such as damage, or use?

Most certainly. We want for siege to play a much more important role in ORvR than it currently does.

firengrot wrote…


You said you were going to sort of revamp the renow points system. Does the new system will still be based on buying caracteristic points like it is now or will we be able to buy more specials skills like resolute defense? if yes are those new skills be based on archetype?

As we’ve previously stated, we’re seeking to remove the restrictive nature of the current RA system and instead move to something that takes inspiration from the DAOC RA system. Yes we are considering more “active abilities” being part of this redesign, however we’re not quite prepared to discuss what those abilities will be. The one thing I can say about the abilities is that we intend for them to be compelling and unique, much like we want for the new armor set bonuses to be.

keeshan_13 wrote…

hello andy,

do you have plans about housing or new crafts in this pack ?


No to housing. I think I can safely state that housing will never be considered for WAR.

As to the other stuff…

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