Oh Hai!

Posted: September 10, 2010 in Misc

It’s been a little while, I know.  Don’t worry about me, I’m fine.

I’ve been busy cracking away at a new web project for WAR.  It’s super cool and should provide something the community has been clamoring for for quite some time.  I can’t lift the lid on it just yet, but keep your eyes peeled.  It’ll be coming sooner rather than later.

Peace out for now!

  1. Vizo says:

    dear god what is it!??!?!? character builder? template maker? let me in!

  2. Wasdstomp says:

    Did you take lessons from Mythic? Announce something is coming, and than not tell us. I see how you are.

    • Rancid says:

      Completely valid point. Part of this is me just saying that I’m not dead. People have been asking wtf happened to me. Here, I’ll write in stone. On Friday the 17th, I’ll have a basic preview of what I’m working on. You’ll be able to play around in it, but it won’t be done. I’ll probably throw a stupid Beta tag on it just to be part of the “in crowd.”

      Is that concrete enough? 😉

      PS, It’s taking a while to get it working. I expected that though, since nobody has done it before….

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