The WARdrobe

Posted: September 17, 2010 in WAR

Have you ever wondered what it would look like to mix Invader, Conqueror, and Annihilator gear together?  Maybe you don’t have that one piece of Sovereign, and you want to know what your armor template would look like with it in there.  Like many, you probably have an Excel workbook which sums up all the bonuses on your armor.  I know I had one.

With technology on the web, why isn’t there a way to build an armor template online, using all the items in the game?  I wondered the same thing.  That’s why I created The WARdrobe.  Maybe you’re at work and can’t log in to run trial-and-error builds, or maybe you don’t have Excel.

That’s not a problem now.  With The WARdrobe’s Armor Builder, you can do just that.  Simply select your armor from the list and watch your template come together.  Yeah, it really is that simple.  No, it isn’t done yet.  I’ve been working hard to get the basic functionality working, and we’re in a good spot.  How about a quick Q&A:

Q – I don’t see all the armor in there.  Where did it go?

A – I’ve written an addon that will allow someone to log equipment to the website in a few easy steps.  While the process is functional, the community aspect isn’t, yet.  Expect some updates in the future that will allow you to upload items.

Q – My stats look really low. What gives?

A – The WARdrobe currently doesn’t handle the following:  Weapons, Talismans, Tactics, Potions/Liniments, Buffs.  Don’t worry, they’re in the works.

Q – It would be really cool if you XXXXXXX.  When will you do that?

A – I’m open to adding items to my development list.  Throw ideas in the comment section, and I’ll see what I can do.  I already have a to-do list a mile and half long, so it might take some time to get to them.  Some items may be technically infeasible, but that list should be pretty short.

Q – I found a bug!  Ha! Why do you suck?

A – The development staff here is a whopping… me.  Bugs happen.  Let me know about it though, and I’ll get it on the radar to be fixed.  There shouldn’t be any show stoppers right now, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t.

Q – Why does it always go back to the Choppa?

A- Because I had to pick one class and “Git ‘er done.”  It takes a little bit of time to go in and setup the various armor sets, base stats and the likes.  I’ll be opening up more and more classes as time goes by.  I hope to have them done over the next week or so, depending on time available.

Q – Why do your graphics look like crap?

A – I’m a developer, not a designer.  If you have an eye for graphic design and/or web stuff like that, let me know. 😉

Q – Where are the ads?

A – No ads.  The only time I’d put up ads would be if I had to pay more for hosting than I do right now.  I don’t know if that will ever happen, so I won’t say “no ads, ever”

Q – How do I get to the friggin’ site already?

A – Best question yet.  The main page can be found here:  To hop directly to the Choppa Builder, go here:

That’s all for now.  Feel free to ask more questions down below, in the comments. I’ll do my best to answer each and every one of them.  I’ll keep posting some news over there on the default page (as well has here, for major announcements).

Enjoy the beta.  I told you last week that I’d have something today.  🙂

  1. Rank-n-Vile says:

    Between you and Werit…and with WARdb being a lost cause…we may just be able to keep track of goodies after all.
    Now, we need someone with a bit of knowledge to do the crafting stuff….

  2. Vizo says:

    Ahhhhh! I can’t view the page at work!!!

  3. Syrioq says:

    Nice! This has been on my wishlist for a while, but I’m too lazy to do it myself 🙂 Glad to see some work is being put in on it!

    One idea to speed up adoption/development: Add a ‘Custom Piece’ option, where it would just let people input their own stats, and save it. Don’t share these pieces, i.e. don’t let other people see them (hopefully that would take away most of the incentive for people to put in crap), but it would be much easier for you to review and make official things that are already in your db than to do a bunch from scratch.

    Great to see things like this still being developed for the game!

    • Rancid says:

      While a good idea fundamentally, my only issue is that it would force registration of some sort in order to keep the data persistent. It also makes the math a little harder.

      Once the social aspect of the site starts to hit, I think it’ll be filled with items a lot faster than most people would anticipate. I’ll keep a top-contributor list, which should help bring the e-peen out. 🙂

  4. Blaq says:

    Well, there was WARForge but it’s no longer updated. It was nice while it was tho.

    As for your character builder, the community could really use one. Can’t wait to see it finished.

    Btw, no cloaks yet? And popup tooltips would be a nice feature. 🙂

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