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I’ve been tinkering with this for a long time now, and have something to show…finally.  It isn’t 100% complete, but it’s in a good place to poke out into the public.

If you’ve ever tried to search for an item, you probably didn’t care what the item is called.  You wanted stats.  That’s stats, plural.  Sure, it’s helpful to know what items have strength, if you wanted to go for a glass-cannon build.  What if you wanted to go for a more balanced build?  Strength and Toughness.

I’ve taken that up a few notches.  With the advances stat search, you can (in theory) search for five different stats at the same time.  It’ll prioritize your results in the same way you searched.  If you looked up Strength first, then Toughness, you’d see high-Strength items first, and then high-Toughness items next.

There’s currently a bug in the search.  If you search for the same stat twice, it’ll assplode.  I’ll fix that tonight before I hit the hay.

Anywho, check it out on the beta site:  Once I get all the kinks ironed out, I’ll push the badboy to the live site.

Leave comments and suggestions below!

[WARdrobe] Some Updated Stats

Posted: October 22, 2010 in WAR, WARdrobe

I’m sure you’re wondering.  Wondering where the hell I’ve been, wondering where the hell the updates are, and wondering why my to-do list keeps growing.  Probably wondering how big this thing is, too.

Well, I’ll get the bad news out right now.  I’ve been off the past week, working on contract work.  It sucks for WAR, but is good for the family….so yeah, that’s how *that* goes.  No, it isn’t permanent.  I’ll likely wrap it up next week, and then get back on WARdrobe fulltime at night.  We’ll see some doozies coming down, as I’ve got some pretty good stuff that’s almost ready to roll out the door.  Like oh… advanced searching.  Sure, it’s nice to find an item by name, but what if you want to see items with Strength on them?  Or maybe items that have Strength, Weaponskill, and Melee Crit?  Oh, I can pick five stats at once?  That’s *dreamy*, Rancid!  It’s coming.

I’ve gotten quite a bit of feedback about the armor builder.  Some people love the stats, some people hate the stats. Some people just want a replacement for the Paper doll on the Realm WAR pages of Mythic’s site.  I’ve got some stuff planned that will satisfy all of the above, I think.

So, let’s talk some numbers.  You guys are rocking it.

  • There’s over 150 of you who have registered.
  • Of those, 57 of you have actually done some work.  You’ve uploaded an item…or two.  Or 7,000.
  • The total number of unique items in the DB is about to hit 15,000. Fifteen.  Thousand.  Damn.
  • The total number of items uploaded is about to hit 60,000. That’s a lot, folks.
  • The most recent item uploaded was at 9:30 this morning. People are still contributing.

The Database doesn’t seem to be slowing down.  I think we’re in a good place.  As more features are added, the server should be able to handle the load.  (If you notice any shenanigans, let me know)

So, be patient!  I’ll be back to work ASAP, and thing will start moving again.  I miss this project, believe me.  It ain’t easy neglecting your baby.

Thanks for reading..and keep up the uploads!

[WARdrobe] Search and AddOn Updates

Posted: October 14, 2010 in WARdrobe

I pushed up a new version of the site last evening.  Some of the new features include:

  • Updated Nav Bar – Added an “About” section which contains news, FAQ and my “to-do” list.If you notice anything not on the list, please let me know.
  • Updated AddOn – We’re up to Version 1.5 now.  Version 1.5 fixes the cross-language issue that was polluting the database.  Essentially, if someone was on a German server, and had their language set to English, the tooltips were a hybrid.  Same goes for German on an English Server.  I’ve got a little bit of cleanup to do, but it won’t be insane.
  • Search Bar – This is a basic search, nothing elaborate.  It can be found at the top right of every page.  Simply start typing and the bar will snag the first 25 matches.  Give it a whirl and let me know.
  • Item Set Issues – There’s no fix in yet, but I’m aware that some item sets are blowing up when you try to view them.  This is hot on my list to get fixed.  Preferably before the weekend.
  • Zealot Spec Template– Apparently, I had Zealots set to use a Staff.  This has been switched out to a Mainhand/Offhand layout.
  • Database Indices – This isn’t something to see, but should help performance across the site.  If you notice any pages that are inherently slow, let me know.

If you notice anything funky, please let me know!

On a side note, we’ve passed the 13,000 unique item mark.  Pat, you’re a beast.  Beast!

The top five contributors are:

  1. Patriot52 – 7,403 Items
  2. Lokax – 5,165 Items
  3. Serapis – 4,302 Items
  4. Rhonx – 3,711 Items
  5. Moddion – 2,719 Items

Rock on, guys and gals!

[WAR] So…. Now What?

Posted: October 13, 2010 in WAR

Well, it’s pretty common news now that WARdb is dead.  While I’d like to say I’m shocked…I’m not.  The AddOn hasn’t worked in over a year.  There’s no new items recently, and the Career Builders…well they’re not too current either.

So, where do we, the WAR community go?  There’s Good News and Bad News.

The good news is that there are two sites out there in the mainstream that can handle some of stuff you’re looking for and missing from WARdb.

First, you’ve got Arsenal of WAR. Sporting over 11,000 items, including armor, weapons, talismans and potions, this is a pretty damn good resource.  I won’t like…I cross check some stuff with Werit’s site every now and then. 😉

Second, you’ve got The WARdrobe.  While currently a work in progress, I have some grand visions for the WARdrobe.  Search is coming, as well as two EU versions of the site (GER/FR).  Time is a big hindrance in development these days, as there ain’t enough hours in the day to code, sleep, work and be a father of two.  Patience is greatly appreciated.

The Bad News is that a lot of data appears to be lost.  Stuff like quests, locations, maps, and the like… well they’re gone it seems.  I wish there was some way for us to get that data back, but a great deal of it was done by mining the client and the likes.  I hope we can figure that out though…some day.

Do you know of any more of these sites going up?  Let me know.  We can resurrect this thing, and make it better than before.


[WAR] A Real Post – Guard

Posted: October 11, 2010 in WAR

Yeah, I’m actually writing a blog post.  Some ( of you (and you know who you are, sir….) will use this as an opportunity to hate.  That’s OK though, I have to get this out there.

Let’s start with a couple definition:

Guard – One who protects, keeps watch, or acts as a sentinel.


And the closely related:

Shield – A broad piece of armor made of rigid material and strapped to the arm or carried in the hand for protection against hurled or thrusted weapons.

Notice the common denominator is “protect.” As a guard, you would use a shield to protect someone.  That’s a pretty easy conclusion to draw, unless you’re playing WAR and playing a tank class.  For those who do, it seems to be an unfathomable inference just like saying that horses crap oats, since there are always oats around horses.

Personally, I’ve always been a stickler for a strong archtype definition.  Healers do healing, Ranged DPS do their damage from Range, and Melee DPS should shred most anything in cloth along their path.  That’s how the game of Rock Paper Scissors works, People.  You can’t galvanize a piece of paper to keep it from getting cut by scissors.  You throw paper, they throw scissors, you die.  They throw Rock, you win.

While that’s a moderately over-simplified version of the way MMOs work, it works, on the whole.  You can really break EVERYTHING in an MMO as far as class-balance goes into the following two statements:

  1. DPS classes make people live shorter.
  2. Healers make people live longer.

Tanks… they can make people live longer, but not as well as a healer.  They also make people live shorter, but not as well as a DPS.  They’re the Plato’s Ideal Hybrid.  Jack of all trades, master of none.  You’re never going to get a tank that can DPS as well as a pure DPS class.  Nor will you get one that can give the same output as a Healing class.  You have to find a balance in the middle.  If you had one that performed flawlessly at either side of the spectrum….why have the other classes that exist there natively?  For you people who don’t know… you don’t.

I’m not going to say there shouldn’t be overlaps when you talk about class balance.  Of course there should be.  The threshold of effectiveness (where 0% is purely ineffective and 100 is purely effective…Healers can be 100% effective as healers, yet 0% effective as DPS) is some hypothetical limit to which a class can approach, yet not hit.  A Tank, in order to fit in the balance model, could sit somewhere at 50%/50% Defensive/Offensive.  They could drop the shield and go 25%/75%, or they could stack more defensive stats and go 75%/25%.  Simple enough math, right?

Guard pretty much takes that math and does some illicit things, while not even bothering to buy dinner first.  I’m not sure why Guard was able to be used without a shield.  It doesn’t make logical sense.  Other games put a shield requirement on abilities like this, yet WAR managed to make it out the door, around the corner, and halfway to school without someone realizing that a running Bright Wizard could bring a Knight with them, and take almost no damage (despite getting rid of their entire “ranged” portion of their archetype’s namesake).  Oh, and they can also throw down damage nearly comparable to a mDPS wielding a 2-hander, all while sporting nearly 100 wounds and 70 toughness more than a mDPS class.  Wut.

Mythic realized the err of their ways here.  They finally came around to say, “Uh yeah.  That’s entirely way too effective.  We need to fix it.”

Shortly there after, the tank community of WAR agreed, and calmly took their licks.  They’d been playing the golden archetype, capable of huge defensive and huge offensive numbers.  They wanted what was best for the game as a whole.  All was well.

Just kidding, rtards.  The Tank community shit a brick the size of Snookie’s ego.  They were irate that their beloved class was getting hit with the nerf bat.  It didn’t matter that the TTK in the game was redonkulous.  That was their playstyle and they didn’t want it changed.  I can see why though, it has to be tough to hear “look, you have to stay near someone and you’re not going to lawl-a-melt their face immediately upon engaging while reducing your friend’s damage taken by half. You put on a shield, you’re defensive now.”  Your class isn’t useless guys.  You just have to make a choice.  Just like when I roll a Shaman and pick either a DPS spec, or a Healing spec.  You have to make a choice. That’s how this thing works.

Here’s the million dollar question:  When was the last time you saw someone using Guard WITH a shield?  If it’s a true choice, then the answer wouldn’t be “never”, would it?

[WARdrobe] First Weekend Out

Posted: October 11, 2010 in WAR

To say I’m a little surprised is an understatement.  I expected a few people to hop on, upload a few items and go on their way.  There’s been a pretty beefy turnout though, with more items uploaded than I really expected.

Here’s some raw numbers:

  • Over 50 registered users
  • 14,000 items seen
  • 4,000 unique items uploaded
  • 7,500 total items (5,400 pieces of armor, 2,100 weapons)
  • Over 360 armor sets

That’s pretty snappy, guys.

And I’ve fixed a handful of bugs over the weekend, which will hopefully let more items in:

  • Collector’s Edition rewards should now parse correctly
  • Marketing Rewards will now parse correctly
  • Summoning stones won’t explode when uploaded.
  • The stat “Hate Caused” has now been added
  • **Broken Items will no longer get inserted into the DB.  Repair them first, and then give it a shot.  **

So yeah, things are moving along.  Here’s some more info for you:

  • Coming this week is Search.  Yeah, it seems pretty silly not to have it, but it’s coming this week.
  • Some items were inserted with German names, rather than English ones.  I’m not sure why, either.  The Game told the AddOn that they belonged in English, and the Item bonuses came across in English.  However, the item itself has a German name.  Go figure.  If you see any of these, and know the English name, let me know. 🙂
  • There’s some issue with the German equivalent of the apostrophe.  Expect a fix to the AddOn to come out later tonight to address this.
  • We’re up to version 1.4 on the AddOn.  Check out here.  This version disables the logging of items on Public Test Servers, so there won’t be any issues of getting test items into the DB

** Special note – Some broken items have already made it into the DB.  If you notice any, hit the contact form, or post here. I’ll get them out so they can be replaced with their repaired alternative.

If anyone notices any more issues, or has any fancy requests, please let me know. 🙂

Happy Hunting!

[WARdrobe] Das WARdrobe? Le WARdrobe?

Posted: October 8, 2010 in WAR

Honestly, that’s about all I know in German or French.  I didn’t even think of Multi-Lingual support when I started up this project.  It wasn’t intentional, either.  I just…forgot.

But that’s all in the past now.  I’ve finished converting the WARdrobe’s back-end into multi-lingual support.

What’s all this mean?

  • You’ll see classes in all their German and French beauty (yes, Chaos too)
  • You’ll see all set bonuses in German and French
  • All item names (which are the same, as far as I can far) will be in multiple languages

What’s still to come on this front?

  • Site Translation.  All the lovely text on the site needs a localization.  This is the first in line, for me.
  • Addon translation.  I figure I should localize the error messages in here, too.  Second in line.
  • Being able to flip the site over at a single click.  Maybe Auto-detect the locale, and go from there.


Did Anything else change? Heck yeah.

  • When you upload an item now, instead of it just telling you that it’s a duplicate, it looks to see if there’s an existing item out there, and if it has the current language set for it. If it doesn’t, it will insert that item’s language set and stick it with the item.  This includes set bonuses!
  • AddOn:  I added some logic in there to only keep a distinct list of items.  This will greatly reduce the size of your upload, especially if you hover over items multiple times.
  • AddOn:  Updated it to Version 1.3.  You’ll need this new version in order to upload data.  Any data gathered with past versions of the AddOn will not be usable, and rejected by the uploader.

So yeah, I was a wee bit busy the past couple of nights.  Hopefully I can avoid this type of downtime in the future.  I know I’ll do my best.

Thanks again for your patience and understanding, guys and gals!

Sometimes you’re up til 2am on a work-night trying to fix something you shouldn’t have been stupid enough to break in the first place.

I unraveled most of a sweater last night. For the non-programmer types, that’s not always a great thing. One little change here is the tug of a string. It leads to something else, which leads to something else, which leads to something else. Eventually, you have a whole pile of yarn on the floor. Ick!

Today, it hit me like a ton of bricks… there are French and German servers. Their info is not going to be in English. I need to do something. Well, I did! I’m about 85% towards Localizing the entire database. The item names may be the same, but the tooltips, bonuses, classnames, etc are all different. If this thing is going to be successful, I’d rather it be successful for everyone, regardless of location.

So, what’s that mean now? Well, this is kinda my side project. I have a real 9-5 job to work. Unfortunately, it’s about 2am here and I need to actually sleep. Yeah, that sucks. Don’t frett though, I’ll likely be able to wrap this up tomorrow night, sometime. Then life will be good. Well, better.

Thanks for your patience on this. Great first day. 🙂

[WARdrob] Calling All Players!

Posted: October 5, 2010 in WAR

Yes people, it’s finally that time.  I’ve opened up registration to the site, and all players are welcome to come on in, download the AddOn and gather items.  Registration is easy.  Simply fill out a couple fields, confirm your email and you’re done.  Go grab the client, and you’re on you way to logging.

I’ve created a contact form, in case anyone is having any issues.  Also, I’ve added in a FAQ for the easier of questions.

What are you doing still reading.  Go register!

[WARdrobe] Item Sets are Here

Posted: October 5, 2010 in WAR

With all the new logic added to the AddOn regarding Armor sets, I finally got the pages online that display them.  Right now, they’re not much to look at, but I’m working on updating the theme for the entire site, which should alleviate some of the eye-strain while looking at the site.  I’m not a web designer, really.  I’m a web developer. 🙂

So, what’s next?

Uploader – Hopefully I’ll get the Uploader functionality public today or tomorrow.  When that happens, it’ll be a mad-dash to get as many items uploaded and tagged as possible.  I want to ensure the system can handle it, as the upload procedure is pretty intense.

FAQ – I’m also working on the FAQ.  If you have any items that you think might be useful for this, let me know.  I’ll get em on the list.

Icons – These aren’t a terribly high priority for me, but it would be nice to see the icon and match it up in game.  We’ll see just how feasible it is to snag this out of the client.

Contact/Item Flagging – Sometimes bad data happens.  I’ll enable players to flag items as broken, so others can be aware that it might not be just right.  More info on this is coming soon.

So yeah, I’ve only listed three items, but don’t think it means I’m done.  I’ve got a handful of features currently in development outside the above scope.  I’ll break those open as I get more comfortable with a timeline.

Thanks for reading, folks!