[WARdrobe] Sometimes You’re the Windshield….

Posted: October 7, 2010 in WAR

Sometimes you’re up til 2am on a work-night trying to fix something you shouldn’t have been stupid enough to break in the first place.

I unraveled most of a sweater last night. For the non-programmer types, that’s not always a great thing. One little change here is the tug of a string. It leads to something else, which leads to something else, which leads to something else. Eventually, you have a whole pile of yarn on the floor. Ick!

Today, it hit me like a ton of bricks… there are French and German servers. Their info is not going to be in English. I need to do something. Well, I did! I’m about 85% towards Localizing the entire database. The item names may be the same, but the tooltips, bonuses, classnames, etc are all different. If this thing is going to be successful, I’d rather it be successful for everyone, regardless of location.

So, what’s that mean now? Well, this is kinda my side project. I have a real 9-5 job to work. Unfortunately, it’s about 2am here and I need to actually sleep. Yeah, that sucks. Don’t frett though, I’ll likely be able to wrap this up tomorrow night, sometime. Then life will be good. Well, better.

Thanks for your patience on this. Great first day. 🙂

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