[WARdrobe] Das WARdrobe? Le WARdrobe?

Posted: October 8, 2010 in WAR

Honestly, that’s about all I know in German or French.  I didn’t even think of Multi-Lingual support when I started up this project.  It wasn’t intentional, either.  I just…forgot.

But that’s all in the past now.  I’ve finished converting the WARdrobe’s back-end into multi-lingual support.

What’s all this mean?

  • You’ll see classes in all their German and French beauty (yes, Chaos barbies..you too)
  • You’ll see all set bonuses in German and French
  • All item names (which are the same, as far as I can tell..so far) will be in multiple languages

What’s still to come on this front?

  • Site Translation.  All the lovely text on the site needs a localization.  This is the first in line, for me.
  • Addon translation.  I figure I should localize the error messages in here, too.  Second in line.
  • Being able to flip the site over at a single click.  Maybe Auto-detect the locale, and go from there.


Did Anything else change? Heck yeah.

  • When you upload an item now, instead of it just telling you that it’s a duplicate, it looks to see if there’s an existing item out there, and if it has the current language set for it. If it doesn’t, it will insert that item’s language set and stick it with the item.  This includes set bonuses!
  • AddOn:  I added some logic in there to only keep a distinct list of items.  This will greatly reduce the size of your upload, especially if you hover over items multiple times.
  • AddOn:  Updated it to Version 1.3.  You’ll need this new version in order to upload data.  Any data gathered with past versions of the AddOn will not be usable, and rejected by the uploader.

So yeah, I was a wee bit busy the past couple of nights.  Hopefully I can avoid this type of downtime in the future.  I know I’ll do my best.

Thanks again for your patience and understanding, guys and gals!

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