[WAR] So…. Now What?

Posted: October 13, 2010 in WAR

Well, it’s pretty common news now that WARdb is dead.  While I’d like to say I’m shocked…I’m not.  The AddOn hasn’t worked in over a year.  There’s no new items recently, and the Career Builders…well they’re not too current either.

So, where do we, the WAR community go?  There’s Good News and Bad News.

The good news is that there are two sites out there in the mainstream that can handle some of stuff you’re looking for and missing from WARdb.

First, you’ve got Arsenal of WAR. Sporting over 11,000 items, including armor, weapons, talismans and potions, this is a pretty damn good resource.  I won’t like…I cross check some stuff with Werit’s site every now and then. 😉

Second, you’ve got The WARdrobe.  While currently a work in progress, I have some grand visions for the WARdrobe.  Search is coming, as well as two EU versions of the site (GER/FR).  Time is a big hindrance in development these days, as there ain’t enough hours in the day to code, sleep, work and be a father of two.  Patience is greatly appreciated.

The Bad News is that a lot of data appears to be lost.  Stuff like quests, locations, maps, and the like… well they’re gone it seems.  I wish there was some way for us to get that data back, but a great deal of it was done by mining the client and the likes.  I hope we can figure that out though…some day.

Do you know of any more of these sites going up?  Let me know.  We can resurrect this thing, and make it better than before.


  1. SkuzFoz says:

    It really would be nice if WarDB would give us a dump of what they had, but that’s extremely unlikely. We also asked multiple times for the dumps of TheWARWiki, and nothing.

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