[WARdrobe] Some Updated Stats

Posted: October 22, 2010 in WAR, WARdrobe

I’m sure you’re wondering.  Wondering where the hell I’ve been, wondering where the hell the updates are, and wondering why my to-do list keeps growing.  Probably wondering how big this thing is, too.

Well, I’ll get the bad news out right now.  I’ve been off the past week, working on contract work.  It sucks for WAR, but is good for the family….so yeah, that’s how *that* goes.  No, it isn’t permanent.  I’ll likely wrap it up next week, and then get back on WARdrobe fulltime at night.  We’ll see some doozies coming down, as I’ve got some pretty good stuff that’s almost ready to roll out the door.  Like oh… advanced searching.  Sure, it’s nice to find an item by name, but what if you want to see items with Strength on them?  Or maybe items that have Strength, Weaponskill, and Melee Crit?  Oh, I can pick five stats at once?  That’s *dreamy*, Rancid!  It’s coming.

I’ve gotten quite a bit of feedback about the armor builder.  Some people love the stats, some people hate the stats. Some people just want a replacement for the Paper doll on the Realm WAR pages of Mythic’s site.  I’ve got some stuff planned that will satisfy all of the above, I think.

So, let’s talk some numbers.  You guys are rocking it.

  • There’s over 150 of you who have registered.
  • Of those, 57 of you have actually done some work.  You’ve uploaded an item…or two.  Or 7,000.
  • The total number of unique items in the DB is about to hit 15,000. Fifteen.  Thousand.  Damn.
  • The total number of items uploaded is about to hit 60,000. That’s a lot, folks.
  • The most recent item uploaded was at 9:30 this morning. People are still contributing.

The Database doesn’t seem to be slowing down.  I think we’re in a good place.  As more features are added, the server should be able to handle the load.  (If you notice any shenanigans, let me know)

So, be patient!  I’ll be back to work ASAP, and thing will start moving again.  I miss this project, believe me.  It ain’t easy neglecting your baby.

Thanks for reading..and keep up the uploads!

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