[WARdrobe] Multi-Attribute Search (beta)

Posted: October 27, 2010 in WARdrobe

I’ve been tinkering with this for a long time now, and have something to show…finally.  It isn’t 100% complete, but it’s in a good place to poke out into the public.

If you’ve ever tried to search for an item, you probably didn’t care what the item is called.  You wanted stats.  That’s stats, plural.  Sure, it’s helpful to know what items have strength, if you wanted to go for a glass-cannon build.  What if you wanted to go for a more balanced build?  Strength and Toughness.

I’ve taken that up a few notches.  With the advances stat search, you can (in theory) search for five different stats at the same time.  It’ll prioritize your results in the same way you searched.  If you looked up Strength first, then Toughness, you’d see high-Strength items first, and then high-Toughness items next.

There’s currently a bug in the search.  If you search for the same stat twice, it’ll assplode.  I’ll fix that tonight before I hit the hay.

Anywho, check it out on the beta site:  http://beta.war4scrubs.com/search.aspx.  Once I get all the kinks ironed out, I’ll push the badboy to the live site.

Leave comments and suggestions below!

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