[WARdrobe] Career Builder Alpha

Posted: November 8, 2010 in Misc, WARdrobe

I threw in bit of work this weekend, and I think you’ll like the results.


That’s the Shaman version.  I’m still collecting Ability Data in order to do the rest of the classes.

There’s a couple outstanding items to do on there, and I hope to have them wrapped up in the next week or so.  The biggest is the tooltip scaling.  Currently, the tooltip for “Brain Bursta” reads “Deals 378 Elemental damage” regardless if you’re +15 Gork or +1 Gork.  I’ll fix this as I move forward though.  Don’t worry.

I’m also working on the ability to select tactics and morales in the lower sections.  This will be like the old WARdb style, allowing others to see your preferred tactics/morales.

Aside from that, I’m looking forward to comments and criticism.  It doesn’t look exactly like WARdb, but I think that’s ok.  What are your thoughts?

  1. Grimnir says:

    If it were possible, I would allow you to impregnate me for your efforts on this. You sir are an outstanding member of the community. I award you this non-tracking cookie. :cookie:

    Come by Detroit sometime and I’ll treat you to dinner!

  2. Grimnir says:

    Now, for some suggestions.

    1. Use actual Images for the numbers and +/- on the columns. Chrome is getting confused and doing a Select instead of Click.
    2. Clear All button that resets the page to #0;0;0;;;
    3. Resolute Defense is a Renown Ability, not Core. New RA’s should come on a different row/tool, especially for 1.4.
    4. As the available width is contracted by making the window smaller, the whole page contracts with it. Set a static width! 800px would work fine.
    5. Mobile site at 480px :p
    6. alpha.war4scrubs…
    7. Wardb hover tooltips still work somehow… hehe http://goo.gl/PefTt

  3. Rancid says:

    1. I can take a look at it. I only saw that when you clicked really fast (double clicked).
    2. Good plan
    3. Yeah, for some reason that showed up as a Core. Stupid. Hope 1.4 fixes it
    4. Yeah, I don’t know how often people are gonna be shrinking it. I hope not that much.
    5. Planned on it. Also have some other plans.
    6. Bigger plans coming. Stay tuned.
    7. But they’re still wrong!

  4. Yanas says:

    Love it, much love for the hard work!

  5. Blaq says:

    Great work man. You’ve really dug into this now. It looks great. 🙂

  6. Rikker says:

    Looks good. And since I ALWAYS forget to PM you when I’m at home… I’ll try to catch you in game about the add-on for classes you still need.

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