[WARdrobe] I Love this Site, BUT….

Posted: November 23, 2010 in WARdrobe

Let me first state that I love getting positive feedback.  It really is a joy to open up an email and read “Thanks for taking the effort into making this.  Hugz!” (I’m pretty sure that was from wargrimnir, as he always signs his emails with “Hugz”)  The main reason I do what I do is to help the community.  I love being part of it, and developing tools to help is how I feel I can best contribute.

With all that said, I wanna hear what you hate.  Yes, hate.  What parts of the site just annoy the hell out of you?  The recent changes to the Armor Listing pages (adding the filtering and sorting) weren’t something I initially thought of.  I hadn’t planned on those pages being so lengthy, so it really made sense to add those features to narrow  the lists down a bit.  But I didn’t realize it until someone had pointed it out.  That change was directly pulled from user feedback.

So, with all that being said… what really pisses you off about the site?  Please be brutally honest.  I can take it.  Your feedback can help shape the future of the site, so lay it all out there.

I look forward to hearing from y’all. 🙂

  1. Lonathe says:

    The armour builder doesn’t support certain setups very well. “Melee book” warrior priests I can understand as it’s a fringe spec but I know quite a few defensive 2H SM players.

    • Rancid says:

      You know, that’s a good point to bring up. It is rather rigid. I’m looking to see if there isn’t a way to make it more open and flexible. Ideally, you’d allow the user to pick all the columns themselves…. We’ll see how feasible that is.

  2. Lonathe says:

    Forgot to add… love the site and appreciate all the hard work 🙂

  3. Sylow says:

    1. Item Sets. “Max Level”?
    I know what the number is supposed to say, but just by reading it, i would get the impression that my character, if getting over that level, would have to run naked? In case of doubt, i’d only list the higher number with “full set level requirement” or something like that.

    2. Weapons and armour lists.
    When searching for something, i have to enter each and any item to take a look at it. It would be nice if just hovering over a link would give you info on the item already. Also, i assume that icons of items are not stored in the DB and there is also no plan to do so? Not a big issue, but it would be a beauty to have those icons there.

    3. Career Builder.
    On a normal sized screen and screen setup, the line “0 points spent. 29 points remaining.” is just outside of the screen. No real problem, but placing it on top of the builder would be more functional.

    Also, currently you have to click “+” for each point added in a tree. This mimics the functionality in the game and works, but for extra luxury the functionality of the old WarDB planer could be included. By simply clicking any of the numbered fields in the career path, the path if filled up (or reduced) to that number of points spent. No priority or anything, it would just be a beauty and luxury feature.

    • Rancid says:

      1. Good point. I’m still trying to think of how to make it more “concise”

      2. Icons are coming, as are tooltips!

      3. Yeah, I’ve had a lot of requests for the “click and set” for each line. I’ll have to add a bit more checks for this, but it should be doable!

      Thanks for the feedback!

  4. Arclighte says:

    Definitely love the site. wardb going down was a huge loss to the community.

    While I don’t consider it something I “hate” my suggestion would be adding a level indicator to the career builder. Something that shows you what level (both rank and/or renown) you need to be to gain access to that mastery point. I tend to respec alts a lot as I’m coming up through the ranks so being able to look at the career builder and say, “Oh, by level 25 I’ll be able to spec for this ability” would be helpful.

  5. mall says:

    The animation with border-top and border-bottom moving from left to the place you have the mouse pointer is annoying sometimes: fast build needed and you have to wait for this animation to see the dropdown list. Most annoying if wrong menu item clicked 🙂

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