[BURNS EYES] The New Kotaku

Posted: February 7, 2011 in Misc

I know it may seem stupid to make a blog entry dedicated to a news site, but if you’ve been to the new Gawker.com and Kotaku.com, you’ll likely be feeling some of the rage I’m feeling right now.

The biggest draw for Kotaku was that  it was a Gaming news site.  I always hit the site first from an RSS link, read the article, and then hit the title link to get back to the homepage.  From there, I could scroll up and down to find a story that interested me.

They took that and punched it in the face, much how the front page continues to punch me in the face.  All that exists on the homepage is a main story and three of the latest stories.  This is fine if you’re not interesting in reading a bunch, but since this is a game site, it seems counter intuitive to limit the amount of information visible to the user on the main page.  There’s a reason that our task bars and desktops have simple titles for items.  It’s an index of sorts (probably why they called it INDEX.HTML originally) and you can navigate from there.

The entire look makes me feel claustrophobic.  I want to scroll down to see more headlines, but I can’t.  Add in the fact that the right “list” of items doesn’t scroll with you, and you’re really starting to irk me.  Having to page through stories to find something worth reading is NOT intuitive.  Magazines don’t do it.  Normal news sites don’t do it.  Why is Kotaku doing it?  Is it hip and trendy?  Is it meant to be read on a iPad or something?  I don’t need another reason to hate Apple, guys.

In short, head on over to Kotaku and wave goodbye.  I’ll be reading via RSS now, and cutting off any advertising revenue they may have gotten through me.  My clicks are precious, fellas.  Pass that on up to whatever nutfucker thought a purely AJAX driven news site would be Epic Win.  It’s just crap.

  1. Syrioq says:

    All the gawker sites are doing it (Giz, Lifehacker, etc.). It doesn’t really bother me, as I read from RSS already, and it actually does load faster (at least in Chrome) if you just want to go to the site for 1 story.

    Regarding the list of stories off to the right, it will actually scroll if you mouse over it and scroll, and I heard that they are trying to do something better with it, apparently a lot of people hate it.

    I haven’t decided how I feel about it. I guess I just don’t browse enough to care, anything I want to see I visit straight from my feed. Once you go RSS you don’t go back.

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