[WARdrobe] New Home… Sorta

Posted: April 12, 2011 in WARdrobe

So, someone has answered the Call to Arms so to speak.  Werit, as you all know, as his own fancy-pants database of items (much more current than the WARdrobe, to boot).  He’s graciously volunteered to host the Career Builder and Renown Builder.  That’s awesome news.

Here’s what you can expect effective immediately:

  • All Links to the Career and Renown Builder will automatically redirect to http://builder.arsenalofwar.com It will keep the same loading logic, so you won’t have to worry about having to redo all your specs.  Yay! 😀
  • All Item links will link to the search page on Arsenal of WAR.  There’s a few items that are in the WARdrobe that aren’t there, but most are.
  • The Armor Builder is offline.  Werit has a snappy tool called the Item Depot though, which does basically the same thing.  Check it out!
  • Happiness and sunshine all around you.  It’s ok.

These redirects will be available for about 30 days.  After that, old links will not work.  Please update your bookmarks accordingly!

If you notice anything funky, please let me know!


  1. Gloran says:

    Ain’t nuthin wrong with a little funk. *Bow chicka bow wow*

  2. randomeclipse says:

    This is excellent news, as the career builder is very useful for those boring work lunches.

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