[Prime] Webcast #2 Q&A&Mumblemumble

Posted: July 22, 2011 in Prime

This week during the Q&A, the guys at Pitch Black decided to give back.  There was a trivia contest full of old game questions.  Anything from Rogue to DAoC to some other game I didn’t know much about was game.  T-Shirts were given out as prizes.  I got the one about DAoC (I think), so woohoo.  Now, onto the webcast:

Updates from Last Week

Their main focus is getting the patcher ready.  They have made some good progress on it, and the build is compiling today.

They hope to start testing “sometime soon” but want to really start next week.

Videos of some Geography

Guilds were the next topic up for discussion.  It seems to be a pretty typical guild system at first glance.

Ranks: Guild Leader, Officers

Chat for Officers/normal

Alliances between guilds

Alliances will be capped around eight guilds together

Guild Leaders from each guild in the alliance will have a private chat for them to converse and organize

Need to have five to form a guild

Will auto-invite you to the guild that your other characters are on.  Helps get lowbies in.

You can upload custom icon for your guild, which are displayed above your head.  These can be turned off, however.

Guild Perks : not at launch

Guild Leveling: not at launch

There are no Guild Cloaks, as there is no cloak slot.  There’s thoughts to put it on the jetpack, though.

Guild target around 200 players

Guild Web Integration

This was where things got interesting.  There will be some web integration for players.

Create a guild website on the company website

You’ll get your own subdomain’d url.  GuildName.PrimeOnline.com

Can manage roster online


No Voice chat baked in

DirectX 9b is required.

No Mac version (Hero not supported)  Hero engine peeps are talking about it.

Turrets will only attack those that you’re engaged with.  Issues with agro-fest

Single Player only for bounties, no such thing as guild bounties

Multiple harvesters can be deposited on the same deposit.

Other players can’t disturb your harvester.


Bases will facilitate faster mining.

Multiple different structures with different benefits

Set areas where bases are set to.  Varies based on faction control.

Bases will allow you to port to different areas, or respawn at different areas.

You will definitely know who is controlling the bases, and there are perks for that.

No DAoC-type relics in the game, per se.

So what’s coming next?

There’s definitely some direction toward Crafting and overall PvP as requested by the community.

More information is also coming about controlled vehicles.

(Special thanks to Pedro for helping fill in some blanks)

  1. Joe Buckle says:

    Thanks dude. 🙂

  2. jeller says:

    awesome thanks! I want a shirt.

  3. Scarybooster says:

    Great recap. I only caught a bit of the live stream

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