[Prime] Webcast #3 – Fade to Black

Posted: July 29, 2011 in Prime

Today’s webcast was really a Q&A.  There was some pretty insane trivia at the beginning which just proved most of the people in there are WAY younger than Warren and John. (I think someone said “Hey, I was -8 when that game came out”… ouch)

At any rate, there was a lot of good responses to the questions asked in the channel.  Onto the answers!  This is more of a stream of conscious than a sectioned off Q&A, as I didn’t have much time to go back and edit.  Feel free to hate to yourself, or take your own notes, if you don’t like them. 😉


How do you steal schematics? Get close to the other person and do something like a pick pocket ability

How do you harvest Prime?  Harvested just like other minerals, but more scarce

What type of variation in harvesting skill? More harvesters to deploy, and they harvest at a faster rate

Do bases give you extra stats? No.  But each one of the seven types do something for you otherwise.

Can you give us info in black market?  There will be unique guns for Soldier For Hirefor black market

What’s your favorite faction: Warren: Rodon / John: “Crappy canned answer” (because Sanya told him to)

How severe is gear degradation?  Dependent upon the quality of the item. It won’t be obnoxious

Can you turn off the ability for others to loot your corpse (in same faction)?  No, but it’s limited to immediate group only.

How big is Dominus? There are currently 10 to 12 large base areas to fly between

Can you fly forever with a Jetpack?  No, but higher-level ones can take you up pretty high

Are there any flying mobs?  Yes, and some have quite a set of ranged attacks to knock players out of the sky

Are there any abilities that grand non-flight bursts of movement?:  Yes, but the beginning jetpacks are similar, as they consume lots of energy for little payoff

What’s your favorite mount? Jetpacks are considered mounts, so duh.

Do skills graphically different based on specced points?  Yes.  Higher-level abilities usually have impact on group so they changed the effects.

Are skill effects more subdued or flamboyant?  Want to make certain that animations aren’t blocked by the effect.  Sometimes effects are awesome and supposed to be visible.

Will you need a cutting edge system to make this run smooth?  No, some of the test systems are 3-4 years old in the office.  Video card needs at least 512 RAM to run smooth.  Want 2 GB memory.  Multiprocessor will help a lot

Can you knock people out of the air and disable jetpack? Yes.  Melee especially.  There are also energy drains

Is there mitigation for CC?  Yes, but not endless mitigations.  There are abilities to break out of CC.

Is the UI goinn to be changed?  Not so much right now, but some tweaks are still being made

Will there be /face and /stick?  Nope.

Can a high level player be hired by a lowbie? Yes.  That’s the point.

What are the max/min times to craft items? Varies on skill and type of item crafted

Will there be an NDA for beta?  Yep.

Will there be an insta-spawn point like fins (DAoC Hibernia thing)?  Maybe….. but not disclosed

Will there be Easter Eggs in game?  Yes, but you gotta search for them…

Where are the servers located? AZ.

Are there plans for cross-server zones? No

 Are there any vids this week?  No, there were some bugs that they wanted to fix first.

How many instances are in the game?  More than 1, less than 20.  About 5-6 guaranteed.  Some are more adventuresome, meaning it’ll take longer to run them

How many world bosses are there?  Not going to give it away.  Figure it out.  🙂

How many people are required for each boss?  They’re designed in cross-faction zones, so a lot.

Is there a con-system for enemies? Yes, you can get a relative gauge.

Are there a ton of mobs in the PvP zone?  Not really.  The Mines of Dominus will have some mobs. Areas with bases won’t.

Will GM events be announced?  Not always.  They’ll be run at different times.

Will there be server queues?  Yes, based on load.  Want a good experience.

Can you put all abilities on hotbars?  Yes, there are multiple ones.  You can cycle through and put them on the side too.  You can’t fit all 15 on one bar, though.

Any guess on server populations required to crash a server?  Only guesses, but will be testing that.

Will there be a dungeon finder feature?  No, they want you go out into the world and not just hover in one place

Is Z-Axis combat working?  It’s working better than anticipated.  Allows you to do stuff in the air like shoot people.  Evolving over time, but pretty cool

Are there big capital cities for each faction? Yes.

<<I missed 4 minutes of Q&A here, as my boss walked in to make me actually work… grrrr>>

Is there a cool-down on rez?  Yes

Will I get machine guns?  If you pick the humans!

If you are rezed in battle, are there penalties?  Health-wise, yes. Stat-wise, no.


The guild website will be launching next week, so keep your eyes peeled.

Beta will be starting on Thursday of next week.   That’s August 4th, people.  The first round would be comprised of people who were in Alpha testing, so don’t be shocked if you don’t see an email.  The next couple of days after the 4th should see the introduction of more people (I think Sanya said around 50), so keep your eyes peeled.


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