[Prime] Uncomfortably Personal: Jeff Pinero

Posted: September 14, 2011 in Prime, Uncomfortably Personal

I’ve been wondering just makes a dev tick. Is it Cheetos? Dirty martinis? Getting their bandwidth capped at home because they hit *that site* too many times? All of the above? I figured the best place to find out is to actually go to the dev themselves. I slapped together a dozen questions and sent them off to Pitch Black Games and said “Fill in the Blanks.” I may have said “Please”, but I’m not sure. At any rate, I’m hoping to put up a new developer’s responses every week. I’ll be tagging them into the same category, so they’ll be in one place. Hope this helps you get a good view of what makes these developers tick. And now, Jeff Pinero!

Going Rancid: Who are you and what do you do at Pitch Black Games?

Jeff Pinero: My name is Jeff Pinero. I am a gamer who loves working on Sci-Fi and I am an environment artist and terrain texture artist. I also love to troll/grief my co-workers a lot here at PBG, especially Lee. 😛

GR: What class will you be rolling at release, and what is your favorite archetype?

JP: I am all up on the Salent Class! I am a hobbit myself, so I am picking the smallest Salent for sure.

GR: What other MMOs are you playing right now, or what was the last one you played (and what made you leave, if you can say)?

JP: The last MMO I played and thoroughly enjoyed was Wizards 101, the animations on that game were awesome! Also I enjoy that card game factor to it. I left due to the fact that I could not stand getting those stupid card payments, that and all my co-workers won’t play with me. My wife and her brother only plays WoW and thought that Wiz101 was too lame for them. I tried out Aion and enjoyed the art style a lot as well as Forsaken World, but the substance was not enough for me to enjoy.

GR: Do you do any console gaming? If so, what genre soaks up most of your time? FPS? Music? Racing games? RPG?

JP: Yes I do, quite recently though it has been collecting dust until Gow3 comes out, the New “Batz-manz”,  and Supremacy MMA, Also BF3!!!

GR: Fondly recall your first MMO experience. What game was it and what happened?

JP: I got started on WoW but I just could not get into it. Something about the color palete saddened me. No but seriously…WoW was like that bad ex girlfriend that after you take her out to a nice dinner and a movie, she would expect you to pay for all of it. Actually I am trolling you, I have no idea what happened and why I never play it. ( I mean I have people I can raid with and do dungeon crawls…but alas no answers.)

GR: Tell us about your most memorable or epic gaming experience, MMO or not, and why it was so memorable.

JP: Metal Gear Solid for the PsOne, when I had to switch my controller from Port 1 to 2 when fighting Psycho Mantis. THAT was  an experience! My Mind was blown away, like my first sugar rush. It came and went!

GR: Tell us about your most memorable experience of being an utter noobie. What did you learn?

JP: Bad Company 2 for the PC. I remember when I was first learning the maps on MP. I kept looking at my K/D ratio. I asked myself why I was doing this to myself. Now I am close to Level 50 before my all time BF3 fav is around the corner. “Watch out for me plan3z! They drop B0MBZorZ!”

GR: How did you get into the game industry, and when did you know you wanted to actually stay and do this for a living?

JP: I got into gaming when I watched Movie Magic a lot. For the much younger guys out there, this was on Discovery when there were no Behind the Scene features on your DVD. Also my parents, I have to give it up to those guys. They rented games a lot for us during the weekends as a reward, it was something I can look back and say that really got me going in the right direction. Plus it helped that I loved drawing and doing art. I mean I used to make my own comic books and pass them out to my middle school friends!

GR: What is your favorite part of working in the game industry?

JP:  I get to work on games as an artist,  be a kid, and enjoy what I do.

GR: In regards to your position, and comparing the current landscape of gamers to the ones of the past ten years, what trends do you hope to turn around/accelerate?

JP: Well every company out there currently is churning out gold, so expectations and the bar is set quite high. I just try to control what I can control, and that is art. The great thing about Pitchblack is these guys really listen! So everything is heard and we are extremely hard on each other, and hopefully that pushes us at launch

GR: When you’re not making games, what do you spend your time on?

JP: I am a garage monkey. I am usually in the garage tinkering with my little naturally aspirated b16 dohc vtec. I love working on my little honda. Everything can be learned through other’s experience, Honda has so much fanatics that they put a lot of DIY tutorials out on the forums. I learned how to replace my alternator, pull out an AC system, replace my coilovers,shocks,struts, sway bars, and clutch slave cylinders. The junkyard and the internet is your friend! Also I love spending time with my wife, we go on date nights!

[Rancid: Special thanks to Jeff and Sanya for helping get this together. Stay tuned for next week’s developer: Sanya Weathers.]

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