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[NES] Got My Eye on Some Mario

Posted: August 4, 2010 in NES

You’re gonna see all sorts of new game stuff on this Blog.  Additionally, you’re going to see some cool tech stuff that has to do with gaming.  Basically, I just like games.  NES games, N64 games, Wii games (yes, some of them were cool), you name it.

I stumbled upon this link when I came into work.  Everyone remembers the original Mario.  If you don’t, I don’t know what to tell you.  L2 Game History.  Anywho, the fine folks over at Waterloo Labs have devised a way to control Mario just using your eyes.  Your EYES. Look left, Mario runs left. Look right, Mario runs right.  Look up, and he jumps.

Personally, while the innovation is neat and can hopefully be extended to a useful peripheral someday, this seems like quite the impractical Mario adaptation.  I liken it to playing an iPhone game that requires you to tilt the phone away from you.  Uh, how do I see the screen when it’s tilted away, smarty pants?  Someone didn’t think THAT one through.

Check out the video below. It contains some good footage, as well as all the science gobbledygook from a rather cute blonde in a lab-coat.  Got my eye on her, too.