[WAR] Getting off the Negative Bandwagon

Posted: August 24, 2010 in WAR

I purposefully stayed far, far away from the whole Mythic slow-churn info release. There’s a lot of rage going around the community. Part of it may be just the flamers and haters doing what they do best: spread dissent and negativity. That’s what they do, and it shouldn’t be news to anyone that they’re still around. They’ll be here til the game shuts the doors and likely beyond.

There’s another group, though, that is becoming quite vocal.  They’re the lovers.  They’re the people that still play. The people with five alts who are level 40.  They’re the people who come to the PTS events, post on the feedback forums, and are part of the bigger community.  They’re the bloggers, too.

Why are these people so hurt?  Someone set a level of expectation.  There was this preconceived notion that during GamesCom, we’d learn everything.  We’d hear all about this expansion, all the new classes, races, tradeskills, everything.  We’d be in the know, just like every other game out there.  There would be a huge trailer, concept art and booth babes.

Things didn’t quite pan out that way, did they?  The short of it is, expectations might have been built a little too much.  Whether it was Mythic that contributed to it, or the player-base and blogger community… does it matter?  Not as much as you think it does.  In the end, regardless of buildup, we did get some insight into what’s coming down the road, along with a pretty good timeline of when we can expect this content.

We all need to step back a bit, myself included.  Should we be standing outside Mythic HQ with a pitchfork and a torch, or should be sitting back, waiting for more details to surface?  I’m moving from the former camp into the latter camp.  At this point, we have a hazy, ambiguous haze of a future ahead.  Inside that haze, there’s just a little bit of light.  That light will eventually become more clear as time goes on because frankly, it can’t get dimmer?  Nobody realistically thinks that Mythic is going to surface on Christmas Day and say “Hey, here’s stuff. Buy it!”  That’s just silly.  Of course they’ll be bringing more information.  There’s how many producer’s letters between now and then?  While previously a bit light on the content section, they’re perfect staging grounds for the dissemination of details.

It’s easy to jump at Mythic and complain that they’ve not done things the way other companies do.  It’s easy to hate because we can’t see everything all at once.  It’s easy to get angry at what we don’t know, because we’re an information-saturated society.  If we can’t Google something, it doesn’t exist.  Well, we do know the RvR Pack does exist, we just don’t know more about it.  That’s fine.  I’m confident that situation will change.

With all that said, I’m becoming more hopeful for the future of WAR.  I think the game has been headed in the right direction as of late.  The past couple patches have been good news.  Starting with the City and coming around to the Against All Odds mechanic, the population numbers appear to be growing.  They may be holding the same, sure, but the perception is driving reality here, just as it had in previous times.

Here’s to waiting patiently, tongue firmly stuck between the teeth.

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