[WARdrobe] First Weekend Out

Posted: October 11, 2010 in WAR

To say I’m a little surprised is an understatement.  I expected a few people to hop on, upload a few items and go on their way.  There’s been a pretty beefy turnout though, with more items uploaded than I really expected.

Here’s some raw numbers:

  • Over 50 registered users
  • 14,000 items seen
  • 4,000 unique items uploaded
  • 7,500 total items (5,400 pieces of armor, 2,100 weapons)
  • Over 360 armor sets

That’s pretty snappy, guys.

And I’ve fixed a handful of bugs over the weekend, which will hopefully let more items in:

  • Collector’s Edition rewards should now parse correctly
  • Marketing Rewards will now parse correctly
  • Summoning stones won’t explode when uploaded.
  • The stat “Hate Caused” has now been added
  • **Broken Items will no longer get inserted into the DB.  Repair them first, and then give it a shot.  **

So yeah, things are moving along.  Here’s some more info for you:

  • Coming this week is Search.  Yeah, it seems pretty silly not to have it, but it’s coming this week.
  • Some items were inserted with German names, rather than English ones.  I’m not sure why, either.  The Game told the AddOn that they belonged in English, and the Item bonuses came across in English.  However, the item itself has a German name.  Go figure.  If you see any of these, and know the English name, let me know. 🙂
  • There’s some issue with the German equivalent of the apostrophe.  Expect a fix to the AddOn to come out later tonight to address this.
  • We’re up to version 1.4 on the AddOn.  Check out here.  This version disables the logging of items on Public Test Servers, so there won’t be any issues of getting test items into the DB

** Special note – Some broken items have already made it into the DB.  If you notice any, hit the contact form, or post here. I’ll get them out so they can be replaced with their repaired alternative.

If anyone notices any more issues, or has any fancy requests, please let me know. 🙂

Happy Hunting!

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