[Prime] Classes and Geography

Posted: July 10, 2011 in Prime

I can appreciate what Pitch Black (PB) is doing with their information.  While on the surface, it may seem a bit scary to release an announcement that you have a game, and then provide very little information on that game, it certainly does keep people somewhat hooking awaiting that next tid-bit of info.

Over the past couple of weeks, Prime has released two very important chunks of info.  They’re calling them InfoDumps.  That sounds… filthy.  I like it.  Onto the info!


I’m not shocked about anything here.  That’s a good thing.  There’s a tried-and-true formula out there.  The Trinity.  People blow stuff up.  People stop friends from getting blown up.  When friends get blown up, people un-blow them up.  Get it?  Got it?  Good.  Seems PB is keeping that.  Reading over the basic class descriptions, you get a sense there’s some tanks, some healers and some DPS.  There’s some basic ability info, but as with any pre-beta, you’re not getting too much info, as it’s likely to change.  Head over to the classes section for more details, but I can tell you this:  I’m excited about the Construct. Being able to shape-change on the battle field really caters to my playstyle. I like to get into the thick of it, suck up some heals and just mow stuff over.  I expect to roll this at launch and start complaining about lack of heals about 20 minutes later.

After that, I’m probably going to be looking at the Primalist. It sounds like what I wished my Shaman could be.  With ranged attacks and regenerative abilities, it might be the perfect solo class, or double as a healer.  Time will tell on this.


I hate to compare Prime to DAoC, but you just can’t help it.  It seems that PB took a page from the old Darkness Falls of Camelot.  I loved this concept.  Fight for control of the entrance and then the world is yours to plunder…as well as any of the other poor saps to happen to be in there when control swaps.  Hopefully they’ll keep the ability to log off and keep in the zone.  That was somewhat cheeseball in Dark Age, but really kept people on your toes. If you’re going to PvE in a PvP zone, expect to get ass-jammed.  Keep yourself at near-full health and don’t blink.

The bases setup on the surface sound a lot like the Keep System from WAR and DAoC as well.  I’m hoping they tie into the entrance to the mines, or something like that.  This could be the meaningful open-world PvP we’ve been waiting for.  Again, time will tell.

This has me super excited!

You can read up more on the worlds information by heading over to the site: http://www.primeonline.com/universe/worlds/dominus/

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