[Prime] Something Familiar this Way Comes

Posted: June 27, 2011 in Prime

I’m about as skeptical as they come when dealing with new MMOs.  I’ve been burned in the past…frequently.

WoW – You sucked up some time, but then I realized you were sucking up the wrong time.  Instead of trying to make me love PvP, you showed me just how tedious you could make PvE.  More stick, less $3 carrots.

WAR – You started off strong.  Then the player base leveled.  Things went all ape-shiat crazy and then you had people getting one-shotted left and right.  Oh and there were DoKs.  Yeah f that.

Aion – I’m not Korean, so I utterly hated this game.  Flying was neat.  Flying poo is neat too, but it’s still flying poo.

Rift – Man, I tried so damn hard to love this game.  I even played an overpowered Rogue.  The soul system was hot.  The graphics were… well ok.  The mechanics were decent enough.  And while the game didn’t tout itself as being full-on open PvP, you had this sorta…. gut feeling that it might just get there.  Instances would always be around, sure.  But the majority of PvP would actually happen out in the world.  Well.  No.  Sorry chap.  I willed myself into playing this game for a couple of months, but after the honeymoon phase wore off, the PvE grind set in.  It went downhill after that.

So that leaves me sitting home with a thumb in my bung just dawdling around.  What now?

Well, I’ve been following Sanya around, reading her blog entries on Metaverse Mod Squad. (You know, it’s like a handbook on how to not be completely inept when it comes to your community management)  She tweeted the other day that she had taken on a real gig (instead of just consulting).  I was somewhat surprised.  Most people don’t go from Contractor to Full-Time unless they have some serious interest in the company.

Imagine my surprise when said company is actually making a three-faction MMO.  Yes. Not two, but three.  Not Horde/Alliance.  Not Order/Destruction.  Not even Defiant/Guardian (which shouldn’t really at war with each other, but f it, who cares).

Prime: Battle for Dominus is all about the PvP.  This doesn’t seem like your jumbo-sized PvE grind fest.  No hours upon hours of getting your bleep bleeped by the bleeping Random Number Generator.  We’re talking PvP from the ground up.

Prime in a Nutshell:

You pick from one of the three basic races: Rodon, Salent and *drumroll* Human.  The story is simple.  “The Salent created the Rodon, and then had to elevate humanity to help the Salent deal with the result. Now they’re all more or less even, and it’s every faction for themselves.” [GamerRiot.com] You fight for control of a central planet.  I’ll call it… oh The Frontiers.  You want access to a mineral called Prime.  It’s used for crafting and a slew of other things.  Sounds a lot like StarCraft.  I don’t mind a little RTS lore in my MMO.  I’ve been known to get a little freaky deaky when the mood is just right.  That’s an important point though.  The IP is their own.  They control it.  They create their own story, they create their own events.  Oh and there will be GM-led events.  Sounds good so far, right?  How about no cross-server queues?  Oh, let’s make that no-instanced battlegrounds period.  We’re talking battlegrounds more along the lines of DAoC.  Call them…training grounds for the real deal.

Beta testing starts soon, and there are supposed to be weekly announcements of information about the game.  The first is slated for this Wednesday or Thursday.  They’re looking at a late 2011 release, which may sound aggressive, but apparently dev work has been going on for over two years now…

So let’s sum this all up:

  • Three-faction PvP
  • Controls their own IP
  • Based on the Hero Engine
  • GM-led events
  • No Scenarios/Instanced Battlegrounds

Oh, and there are jetpacks.  That’s all you had to say.

  1. Blaq says:

    Hehe, that Rodon unit on the game’s page does look a lot like a zealot. Also, I find it funny how you can recognise something to be “inspired” by Starcraft universe when SC is originally just a W40k “inspired” game. It seems to have branched out/changed enough to not be compared to Warhammer anymore.

    I’m pinning my hopes on GW2 since it’s looking bloody fantastic so far and either Firefall or Tribes 2 for FPS PvP, whichever turns out to not suck. 😛

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