[WARdrobe] It’s Been a Long Day

Posted: December 2, 2010 in WARdrobe

It’s been a rough one, too.  The short of it is: I’m still locked out.

<tech talk to follow!>

The long-term ramifications are more troubling, though.  In the development cycle, some things work, some things don’t work.  That’s the whole point.  Find what works best.  Currently, the WARdrobe works well how it is now.  Every time you view an item, the database is called and a few sets of data are returned.  You have the base stats, the classes that can use it, the item set information and the bonuses.  That method works great when you’re pulling one item at a time.

Flash forward to one of my initiatives though:  Off-site Tooltips (this was called “Syndication” by WARdb).  Say you’re on a page at WHA and there are 20 items linked.  Do you sit there and wait for The WARdrobe to do 20 database calls to load those items up before returning the data to WHA?  That could get a bit clunky over time.  The option at that point is to load up everything before hand and stick it in a cache.  That works well actually.  I’ve been experimenting on how to do that.  The current version isn’t pretty though.  It takes roughly 57 minutes to load up all 17,000 items in the database.  Ouch.

That’s where I was starting to get creative.  I was trying to find some way to speed that up.  I’m still pretty upset that all it took was one errant SQL query to have my entire account shut off, and that even when it was re-enabled, they decided to shut it off again.  It’s even worse that it’s almost been 24 hours, and they STILL haven’t gotten it back online.  My followup calls to support haven’t helped, either.

And now back to searching for a web-host again.  I hate this part of the game.

  1. Sylow says:

    My comforts and sympathies. I hope you find a good host soon.
    (Unfortunately i didn’t need such a host yet, so can’t
    help on which one is good. 😦 )

  2. Syrioq says:

    I host my own stuff on Amazon EC2 and have been very happy with it. They have a free tier (free for a year) that will run a site full time, and I have been happy with it so far. After a year it is about $15/mo for the same service.

  3. Zoozie says:

    Maybe you can cut the SQL into smaller chunks and run several SQL’s on an index’ed field.
    Itemname: A,B,C etc.
    Itemnumber intervals?
    With some luck t will even run faster due to using a lot less memory on each query.

    I have also run SQL that took a little to long to run, locked down the whole DB etc.
    Unfortunately it was it was in live enviroment on an mission critical software application at work 🙂

  4. nattpyre says:

    You are using mySQL as database? There are probably ways to tune this statement to perform faster 🙂 On Oracle, I would have known some dirty tricks 😉

    I have recently switched my hosting company as well and I am very confident with my new web space. But it is located in Germany, so this will probably not work for you.

    Keep up the great work! There will be a solution soon.

    • Rancid says:

      I’m actually using MSSQL 2005 for it. I use some neat pivot tables that I couldn’t pull off in 2000. I’m a MS guy by nature, so it was the logical choice for me.

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